Flying Fairy by Flutterbye from Spinmaster Review

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Do you believe in fairies? We do!

The girls love all things magical, so when we were asked  if we would like to review Flying Fairy by Flutterbye we couldn’t wait for  our new fairy friend to arrive.


Included is:

1 Flutterbye Fairy

1 base

Instruction booklet.

When your Flutterbye Fairy arrives you will notice her beautiful dress and glittery wings. Isabelle said to me ‘Mummy she is beautiful, I love her sparkly wings, I can’t wait to see her fly’ and she does fly high! We can’t believe how magical this toy and how high she flies. By the press of the launch button, watch the magic unfold and guide your Flutterbye fairy through the air with movements of your hands.

Flutterbye Fairy requires 6AA batteries (not included) which you place in the base. We have always used rechargeable batteries in toys for the girls, it has saved a lot of money not having to purchase new ones.

  To charge your new fairy friend it’s very simple, instructions included are very clear.  Switch the base on and turn the fairy to the off position, once done place your Fairy onto the base (her display stand) and place the charging cord into her skirt.

fairy 4

You can tell when your fairy friend is fully charged and ready to fly when the light turns orange. Flutterbye Fairy charges fairly quickly and lasts for a good playtime.

When ready to play remove the charging cord from her skirt, check the fairy is secured properly on the base, the base and Fairy are turned on and she is now ready to fly. Place the base on a level surface with plenty of room around you, press the launch button and let the fun begin.

The girls faces are priceless when Flutterbye Fairy comes alive. They are amazed how high the Fairy can fly and watch on as she magically twirls and floats in the sky. We did have to a few flying lessons at first, but Isabelle soon got the hang of it and she find her fairy easy to operate.

You can see Scarletts expression below, when she saw Flutterbye Fairy in action for the first time. Flutterbye fairy went for a tour around our house. She flew out of the living room, into the hall, towards the kitchen.


Isabelle learnt quickly after a few lessons how to teach her fairy to fly by using her hands and has lots of fun. Scarlett is only 3 so a bit too young to fly the fairy her self but adores watching their fairy friend fly around.

If the fairy is getting tired from her flying journey, press the launch button and you can catch her as she falls.


The girls enjoy flutterbye fairy.

Scarlett has now put Stardust Fairy on her Christmas list, as there are a few different fairies to collect.

Flutterbye Fairy is aimed at children 6+, which is the perfect age to operate your fairy friend.

To find out where you can buy your flutterbye fairy from spinmaster please visit their website.

Disclaimer: My review above features Flying Fairy by Flutterbye which we were kindly sent.My review is written with honesty with my own and Isabelles thoughts.



  1. What a lovely review, my daughter keeps watching the video clip over and over again and her new toy on her xmas list is this fairy.
    Thank you


  2. Judith B Holms says:

    Looks Magical! See this being popular


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