Mad About Ponies Party

Childrens parties, friends over for tea, children who enjoy their arts and crafts (like my two) then Mad About Ponies Party Craft set from Interplay UK is perfect for you!

Craft Party is an exciting new concept that offers fun crafting activities to keep up to six children entertained.  Each kit contains all you need for six identical activities which are fun and easy to do. There is an extra benefit from these fantastic craft party sets, as each activity, once completed, can be used for more entertainment and the children each can take their gift they made home.


Included in your Mad About Ponies Party set is:
6 white resin-cast ponies
Double sided foam sticky tabs
Pots of paint (5 colours)
Pre-printed card jumps
Paint brushes
Score sheets
Pre-printed card rosettes
Instructions for supervising adult

As soon as the girls saw this craft set they wanted to get started straight away bringing their ponies to life. They love ponies, painting and playing games so I knew this would be a big hit.

The ponies are solid, great size with beautiful detail. The girls really enjoyed designing and painting their ponies and so did I, they were sat at the table for a good half an hour, they loved it!

What I love about this craft set instead of having to share 1 pot of paint, they have included 3 rows of 5 coloured  paint pots, so plenty to go around. The paints went on the ponies really nicely and the end results were fantastic.


We waited for about half an hour for our ponies to dry and we were now ready for the jumping and racing games to begin.

Isabelle named her pony Lilly Brown, Scarletts pony is Layla and my pony Angel Delight.


There are 3 different games in the instruction leaflet, Show Jumping, Pony Race and Pony Race 2.

Isabelle and Scarlett enjoyed setting up their own courses with the jump cards included. The ponies race to see who can jump the fastest, and the most talented jumper, with rosettes to present to the pony that wins!

Isabelle insisted she should write the scores on the score sheets, but myself and daddy made sure she was being fair. Each game is lots of fun, kept the girls smiling and they enjoyed making up their own games too.


The Games 

Show Jumping decides whose pony is the best show jumper. To jump a fence you have to throw the dice, penalty points are deducted depending on the dice score each time the fence is jumped. The winner is the one with the least penalty points, if a draw the ponies will have to compete in another round.

Pony Race 1 is to see who has the fastest pony in a race over the jumps. The player rolls the dice and if it lands on 4, 5 or 6 the players pony can jump over a fence, if the dice lands on 1,2 or 3 the players pony doesn’t move. The winner will be the first pony to jump the last fence.

Pony Race 2 is a variation of Pony Race 1. This time players give each pony a different number from 1 to 6. Each player takes their turn to throw the dice. The pony corresponding to the number jumps a fence. The winner is the first pony to jump the last fence.

The rosettes are a great touch for this set. Isabelle was very happy her pony Lilly Brown came 1st in the first game they played and Scarlett’s Layla came 2nd, but I think Scarlett was just happy her pony got a rosette. There are plenty of rosettes included so the girls made up extra games and gave rosettes to the best personality and best dressed pony.


The ponies carried on their adventure too, they have had a sleep over at nannies, been to the park and friends houses.

Mad About Ponies Party is a lovely craft set which is aimed at children 5-8 years old. Scarlett is 3 and a half and she had as much fun as her sister who is 7 with some adult supervision. You can purchase your very own Mad About Ponies Party from Interplay UK priced at £19.99, great value, keeps children entertained for a couple of hours and a nice gift for children to take home.

I think its an absolutely brilliant idea!

To find out more visit Interplay Uk official website

Interplay Uk can be found on Facebook and @interplayukld on Twitter.

Disclaimer:  My review above features Mad About Ponies Party Craft Set which we were kindly sent free of charge for the purpose of my review. My review is 100% honest and our my own thoughts.





  1. Rebecca Stanford says:

    My son had the pirate one it’s awesome!


  2. Elaine Brack says:

    Now that looks exciting, keep this in mind for future parties X


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