Disney Hedbanz Review

Me, Ali and the girls are massive Disney fans and were very excited to see Spin Master Toys have bought out a Disney Hedbanz game which is lots of fun for all the family.


 With Christmas fast approaching what better way to snuggle up indoors during the festive season with your family and friends playing fun games.

Disney Hedbanz is all about using your head to discover what Disney character or object you are. The first player to guess what they are and to get rid of all their Mickey chips in the quickest time is the winner!


Contents included in Disney Hedbanz are:

66 Disney Character/Object Cards

6 Sample Questions & Answer Cards

24 Shaped Mickey Chips

6 Headbands

6 Pairs of Mickey Ears

1 Timer

Instruction Sheet

 Disney Hedbanz is a very quick and easy game to get started. Each player takes an adjustable headband and attaches a pair of Mickey ears to it, which I have to say we all found them comfortable to wear. Players are given 3 Mickey chips each and any remaining Mickey chips are put to one side now known as the ‘bank.’ Place all the Disney cards face down after a quick shuffle and without looking each player takes a card and places it onto their headband. We all have a giggle as everybody knows what you are apart from you!


The Disney cards are very appealing to children and adults, as they are beautifully illustrated with Disney characters or objects from our favourite Disney movies. There are two answers on each card and its up to the player if they would like to answer with the Disney name or generic term. For example Cinderella is the proper Disney name and Princess is the generic term. Make sure you decide before you start the game.


With Mickey ears on, Disney character or object unknown to you, it’s now time to let the Disney fun begin!

Each player has a minute to ask as many questions as they like to the other players to guess which Disney character or Disney object they are. There are sample questions included which you can use or you can use your own. Isabelle liked to have the sample questions next to her, but she managed to think up some very good questions. The other players can only answer you with ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ ‘Could be’ and ‘I don’t know.’ If you guess the picture before the timer runs out, place a mickey chip into the ‘bank’ and replace your Disney card continuing to ask questions of what you have now become. If you do not guess who you are when the timer has run out you have to collect another Mickey Chip.


The aim of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all their Mickey Chips, by answering who you are correctly in the quickest time.

Disney Hedbanz is such a fun game which brings lots of Disney magic into your home. From the Mickey Ears, Mickey Chips to the fun illustrated Disney cards. Disney Hedbanz is a game children can easily get out on their own to play with friends.

Isabelle absolutely loves this game and so do we!


Isabelle Quotes ‘I like becoming my favourite Disney Characters from Disney films it’s the best!’

Disney Hedbanz is for children 7+ suitable for 2-6 players.

Disney Hedbanz is priced at £14.99 and available from Amazon, Smyths toys, Toymaster and many other independent toy stores.

To find out more about Spin Master a top toy manufacturer visit their official website.

Spin Master can be found on Facebook and Twitter too.

Disclaimer: My review above features Disney Hedbanz which we were kindly sent to review free of charge. My review is written with honesty with my own and Isabelles thoughts.



  1. My boys will love this once they’re older. Plus I would. Wonder if I could get it for me and hubby to play!!


  2. Can’t beat Disney games 🙂


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