Monsters University ‘Who’s Behind The Door’ Game Review

Spin Master Toys have bought out another fantastic Disney game based on Monsters University ‘Who’s Behind the door.’ We are so excited that in a weeks time Monster University is being released on DVD. Isabelle could burst with excitement and when she saw the game ‘Who’s behind the door’ and noticed it was all about Monsters University, she couldn’t wait to start playing.


Who’s behind the door is a fun, interactive game. It’s very similar to guess who,but Monsters University edition which I think is brilliant. It’s a game that consists of using ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions to your opponent,to find out which monster is lurking behind your door.


Contents included in Who’s behind the door are:

1 Game Board

1 Door

1 Monster Door Stand

1 wall

16 Monster University Cards

32 Monsters University Token

1 Label Sheet

Instruction Sheet

Who’s behind the door is very quick and easy to set up and a clear picture is shown on the instruction sheet included.Take the door stand and slot it into the center of the game board, attach the door to the stand and slide the wall into the two slots at the side. You are now ready for lots of Monster fun.


The board game is presented well and made very appealing to children with the different monster characters and the nice added touch of the revolving door. Press the button in front of the door which reveals the hiding monster.


Each player takes 1 monster card from the shuffled pile which are placed faced down. Carefully slotting their monster card into the their side of the door with each player receiving 16 Monster University tokens.

Looking at all the monster characters on the board, ask the other player what ever question you like, but remember the other player can only answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Isabelle may ask ‘Does your monster have 3 eyes?’ where I would respond ‘Yes.’ Then she would place her Monster tokens over the monsters that don’t have 3 eyes.


The monster behind the door will be a monster without the token placed upon it, if there are a few monsters left, take a guess. If your right you win, YAY! Press the button and reveal the monster. If your wrong, just simply carry on the fun.

The winner is the first player to guess which Monster is hiding behind the door.

Who’s behind the door is a fun, fantastic game for the entire family, with simple to follow rules.

Isabelle quotes ‘ Monsterific Mummy’

Monsters University Who’s behind the door is made for 2 players, suitable for children 6 years and up.

Spin Masters Monsters University Who’s behind the door RRP: £16.99. Available from Amazon, Debenhams, Asda and other independent toy stores.

 To find out more about Spin Master a top toy manufacturer visit their official website.

Spin Master can be found on Facebook and Twitter too.

Disclaimer: My review above features Who’s behind the door which we were kindly sent to review free of charge. My review is written with honesty with my own and Isabelles thoughts.



  1. Sue Hoskins says:

    I know i’ll be sent to the shops monday to purchase monsters university, I can’t wait to watch it x


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