Portable North Pole Santa Sprint App – Review

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Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to get into the festive mood by becoming Santa’s little elf helping prepare for Christmas.

The makers of Portable North Pole have just released an app PNP Santa Sprint for children to enjoy a unique Christmas adventure.

  There are 3 globes Santa’s workshop, The Library and The Stables where winter has breached and scattered Santas items all around. You need to help collect the items, but be careful as your not alone there are some frosty creatures about. Each globe consists of 15 exciting levels for you to complete.

You ‘The Elf’ sprint through mazes collecting items such as Stars, Stamps, Potions, Cookies etc but on your fun-filled journey you will come across some frosty creatures. They are ready and waiting to take all of your energy and freeze you.


If you do become frozen and need to warm up enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate, become invisible by collecting the invisible jacket or freeze the frosty creatures for a little while by collecting timers.

When you have completed the level you have the option to upgrade your Clothes, Heat, Magic and Agility which you can use on the next level.


Once you have completed each of the globes you will unlock an exclusive story told by Santa Claus himself.

Isabelle and Scarlett really enjoy Santas exciting tales.


This is a fantastic app full of amazing graphics, excitement, festive themed music with Santa Claus being on hand to guide the children throughout the levels.

 Isabelle enjoyed playing this child friendly game, even though the level difficulty increase as you progress it is still an easy game to play using simple touch control.


You can purchase the Santa Sprint App from iTunes at a great price of £1.99.

Santa Sprint is fun for all the family.

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent a promo code for a free download of Santa Sprint on the app store.


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