Make your Christmas Magical with the Portable North Pole

I recently reviewed the Santa Sprint app from the Portable North Pole and now we have kindly been given the chance to review their premium video from Santa and also a phone call too.


Last year I enjoyed going through the simple step to step guide to create the girls personal message from Santa. The girls faces were priceless, Santa knew their name, when they were born, the toy they really wanted for Christmas, Santa knew everything about them.

 After all the excitement of last years message from Santa via the Portable North Pole, I couldn’t wait to see what the premium video had to offer.

The Portable North Pole website is easy to use. You choose if  children are on Santas naughty or nice list, select the child’s name and correct pronunciation and add photos to the video to add a more personal touch. I used photos which mean a lot to the girls, when Isabelle was given a certificate by her school for doing well in maths and when the girls received their first swimming badge.


What I love about the premium version is the video is twice as long and you get a lot more extras. You have the choice of additional festive scenes, add more photos and a choice of exclusive clips, such as Santa fixing his sleigh and the elves testing certain toys. You can even add names of their friends/family which will appear next to their book in Santa’s library. There is also a bonus clip for children on Christmas eve from Santa on his sleigh in the middle of his big night!


This is a truly magical unforgettable surprise for loved ones.


As you can see Isabelle and Scarlett LOVE their video from Santa. Just look at their faces, excitement, joy, happiness and shock of how much Santa knew. I will be doing this year after year with thank to the Portable North Pole at the great price of £2.99.

After the video Isabelle got an exciting phone call from Santa about her great improvement of her behaviour. Another amazing idea by Portable North Pole and very easy to set up by following the simple instructions.

santa call

Choose who you would like Santa to call and the reason why Santa is calling. There are many options to choose from and when you are ready simply select ‘Call’ and see their face light up.


Portable North Pole deliver smiles to children and adults all around the world.

The Portable North Pole have kindly sent me a 20% off code to share with you my readers, to create an unforgettable message from Santa to surprise your loved ones. Enter the code BLG20BKP to start your magical journey.

Portable North Pole where the magic happens!

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent a code for a free premium video and a free credit for a phone call. My review above is completely honest with my own thoughts.


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