Review – Polly Pocket wall sets

I came across these unusual, but fun Polly Pocket wall sets which have been a HUGE hit since Christmas. They are slightly different to other toys as play moves from the floor onto the walls, a fantastic space saver too.

We purchased the Polly Pocket Cafe and Polly Pocket Pet Park which have bought hours of fun for the girls. I am definitely looking forward to building the girls collection as there are a variety of sets to choose from.

polly pocket

Lea runs Polly Pockets Cafe which is a popular cafe to hang out with friends. Lea and friends can spin down the pole between the two floors to buy some tasty treats and drinks, spin back up the pole to relax on the comfy sofa or zip-wire across to dine in a secluded dining area.

Polly Pockets Cafe includes:


 Lea Doll

Table with two chairs

Cash register


Two small cake slices

Two cupcakes

Two milkshakes

3M command Strips

Instruction Booklet

polly pocket3

The cafe was very easy to assemble, it only took me about 10 minutes. It is just a case of clicking the pieces together, by following the clear instructions or by looking at the photo on the box which was the best for me.

Once the main part of the cafe was built your ready to place it onto a wall ( it is only suitable for painted walls, not wall papered.) In the instructions it will show you how to secure the cafe properly by using the 3M command strips included. It is very simple to do and if you decided to re-position your set, the strips are easy to remove without removing the paint from the wall. They are also secure once you found your chosen place, which is excellent.


We found a nice spare wall in the girls playroom where is sits nicely with room to extend for other amazing wall sets.


Once the first part of the cafe was secured onto the wall we connected the zip wire to the remote dining area and positioned it ont the wall using the strip included. The girls had to wait for about half an hour to make sure it was secured onto the wall then it’s ready to play.

The girls love watching Lea zoom down the zip wire by slotting her body into the little blue sling, sliding cakes and drinks in the basket and spinning Lea up and down the pole.

The accessories included are great fun and have little suction cups which is a nice feature as it stops them falling onto the floor, Lea also has suction shoes so she doesn’t fall off.

Isabelle and Scarlett have enjoyed playing with the polly pocket Cafe every day since Christmas, they love it.

I also purchased the Polly Pocket Pet Park another great set which provides more fun and excitement.


The Polly Pocket Pet Park includes:

Pet park

Lila doll


Dog bowl, Bone, Leash


Water Bottle


Watering Can

3M Command Strips

Instruction Booklet

 Lila and her adorable puppy love taking it in turns going down the twisty slide which takes you all the waydown to the puppy house. Lilas puppy likes treats so why don’t you give her puppy a bone or take her for a stroll. There is a park bench you can walk by or ‘water’ the pretty flowers with Lila. When it’s time to relax why not zip over to the swing area it’s a perfect place to enjoy the piece.

This set is like the cafe it is easy to put together by clicking the pieces together. Instructions are easy to follow but I found it best just by looking at the picture on the box. This wall set is positioned easily onto the wall by using the 3M command strips included.


Isabelle and Scarlett enjoy going to the cafe and popping along to the park afterwards. It is great for their imagination by connecting the sets together.


The girls adore these sets and so do I, beautifully designed and well made. They provide endless hours of fun with the exciting features, cute accessories and different dolls included in each set. It is just a fantastic idea having them on the wall, rather than the floor.


Polly Pocket wall sets get a MASSIVE thumbs up from us!

Amazon are one of the places where you can purchase Polly Pocket wall sets a long with other toy retailers such as tesco and asda.

Isabelle, Scarlett and I definitely recommend these sets.

Disclaimer: My review above features the Polly Pocket Cafe and Pet Park sets which I have not been asked to write. I purchased these with my own money. My review is honest with my own thoughts and opinions.


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