Doc McStuffins Operation Boardgame – Review

Scarlett adores the childrens television program Doc McStuffin so when I saw the Doc McStuffin version of the classic operation game I knew she would like it.


Doc McStuffins friends are feeling a bit under the weather, Can you help Doc Mcstuffin make them all feel better? Can you fix their boo boos in the operating room and avoid the buzzer?

Inside the Doc Mcstuffin operation game is:

Game tray with Disney Doc McStuffins characters

9 Pink plastic boo-boos

10 Cardboard boo-boo bandages

Storage draw




This fantastic Doc Mcstuffins operation game is easy to set up. Simply place the boo-boos into the matching spaces on the game board. Scarlett enjoys matching the boo-boos pieces to the photos shown on the board, it is a lovely little exercise for them to do before the operating begins.


The aim of the game is for the players to collect the most boo-boos by operating on Doc Mcstuffins friends. You will need concentrate and a steady hand. The tweezers are a good size for little hands to grasp and the boo-boo pieces are different shapes which makes some easier to remove than others.


If your operating and you hear the buzzer it means you have touched the sides, you must leave the boo-boo and pass the tweezers to another doctor to operate. If your operation is a success cover the space with a colourful bandage.

The winner is the doctor with the most boo-boos once all the boo-boos have been removed.

Scarlett loves this exciting operation game, she has played it almost every day since Christmas. It isn’t the longest game to play but we love the concept of the game and Scarlett loves the beautiful Doc Mcstuffin design featuring all of the characters. We like the way the bandages are colourful and each one has a different design. This game has been well thought out in every way possible and is a big hit!


It is nice to find a game which is easy enough for Scarlett to play with on her own or with friends, it’s a great bonus that it’s all about Doc Mcstuffin too.

Doc McStuffin operation is recommended for children 4 and up and can be purchased from The Entertainer.

Disclaimer:  My review above features Doc Mcstuffins Operation which I have not been asked to write. I purchased this myself. My review is honest with my own thoughts and opinions.



  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Ohh wow! That looks fab! I haven’t seen this version of Operation before! I wished I’d seen it before Christmas!!


  2. Lou Wain says:

    Will definitely look out for this. Both boys love Doc McStuffin, especially Tom, and can imagine them enjoying this game.


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