Project 365 – 18th/24th May 2014

Our week in photos!

Sunday – Last Sunday I spent a relaxing day in the Aqua Sana at Longleat Forest.

I had a great time with one of my bests friends who I’ve known since infant school. 


Monday –  On Monday the girls helped me bake some delicious pineapple upside down cakes.


Tuesday  Whilst the sun was shining Scarlett and I made our way to the park.


Wednesday – We popped into the local cafe for tea and cake.

It’s nice having some one on one time before she starts school.


Thursday – Thursday morning I woke up to two very happy girls.


Friday – The girls were so excited when daddy told them he was taking them to school.

This really did make their day.


Saturday – This morning Scarlett went to a friends party and this afternoon we went for a family walk and it didn’t rain on us this time.



I hope you all had a fantastic week!

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  1. Lovely pics – I’m looking forward to walking mine to school after the hols after a stint of full time work – simple things hey?! I’m going to check out your pineapple upside down cakes, I haven’t baked one since school 🙂


  2. Some lovely smiling photos and so nice you got to the spa. Wow, that’s such a cool friendship to have lasted since infant school


  3. Ooo, those cakes look yummy 🙂 Daddy doing the school run is always so exciting isn’t it?! Lovely week of photos x


  4. Lovely photo’s Michelle! I can imagine the excited squeals when the girls dad took them to school. Priceless x #365


  5. I’m sooooo jealous of your visit to Aqua Sana – the most beautiful spa I’ve ever visited!


  6. awww love the photo of Daddy and the girls they look so happy! x


  7. Lovely shots of the week – and would definitely like some of those cakes!


  8. guess daddy doesnt get chance to walk them too often – love the fact they all look so happy. It has been nice to get summer clothes out and wear them. My favourite is the one of the two girls together.


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