The Ordinary Moments – Daddy Time

This week Ali surprised the girls. When Scarlett asked him if he could take them to school on Friday (like she does most mornings) she wasn’t expecting him to say yes.  He normally has to leave for work before the mad rush in the mornings but on Friday he didn’t have to leave until late morning. Isabelle and Scarlett’s face lit up, they were so excited they did there usual ‘happy scream,’ started jumping around the house in all the excitement. It’s the simple things in life like this that makes them happy.


Earlier on today we went out for a walk to enjoy some family time and we managed to avoid the rain this time. Ali will do anything to please the girls and this just says it all. Isabelle on his shoulders, Scarlett having a carry, Ali could only last about 5 minutes but they loved it!


These past few weeks Isabelle has become emotional as Ali leaves for work quite early and sometimes doesn’t arrive home until after seven. So moments like this spending quality time together are truly moments to treasure.  




  1. I can relate to this but in our house it’s on an extreme level as always Buba is completely a daddy’s boy wants him 24/7 all the time for everything. He doesnt often like if we switch and I take him swimming or if he goes in mommy cars and missy moo goes with daddy. If there is a choice Buba will always pick his daddy over me. It was sad at first but then I had missy moo and she is all about her momma so it’s balanced now. That’s sweet your little ones have such a special bond with their daddy too! Lovely photos hun! I really need to get cracking on the father’s day present. oops. lol #ordinarymoments


  2. Mummy Hearts You says:

    Its so much better when daddy takes them to school! I always feel a bit pushed out when Moo asks her daddy to take her! Its something out of the norm though so its all good! Lovely post xx


  3. mummydaddyme says:

    ah this is really so lovely, how sweet that they got so excited that Daddy was taking them to school. It made me feel a little emotional. It definitely is the ordinary moments like that, that make things worthwhile- so cute. x


  4. This are so tender father & daughter moments! The mile on your daughters faces are so priceless =) #TheOrdinaryMoments


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