Leaf Printing


Isabelle and Scarlett have enjoyed an afternoon of leaf printing.

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Handmade Olaf Birthday Card – Frozen


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MyStyle Craft – Super Loop Bands


Isabelle is a big fan of craft kits and could sit for hours making her own jewellery and accessories. Recently she’s been busy making some pretty bands with a new craft set; Super loop bands which is perfect for children around 8-12 year olds.

It’s a simple and fun craft kit for older children to make up to 5 vibrant coloured bands with little or no help from an adult.

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Homemade Father’s Day Cards


Father’s day is only a month away and the girls have been busy making these stunning father’s day cards.

They are very simple to make and both girls put their heart and sole into these. Isabelle got quite emotional choosing a photo of herself and Ali.

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Mini Masterpiece – Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh with Galt Toys


Earlier last week Galt toys were looking for bloggers with children aged between 5-12 years old to recreate Starry Night by Van Gogh. Isabelle enjoys her arts and crafts and she was really looking forward to this fantastic art project.


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Children’s Crafts – Button Photo Frame

Looking for an easy craft activity that children will enjoy! How about these button photo frames?

The girls and I enjoyed an afternoon of crafting, creating our very own button frames. 

To make these you will need:

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Mini photographic bunting


The girls have enjoyed making this simple yet effective mini bunting which holds some of their favourite photos.  

To make this you will need:

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Suteki Mega Stencil Station Review

What a wonderful afternoon the girls have had creating funky unique pieces of art!

We have been reviewing Flair’s new creative activity range over the past few months, the cool create daisy chains and swapwatch set which have proved so popular with Isabelle and Scarlett.

Today the girls have been exploring their creativity and producing colourful masterpieces with the Suteki Mega Stencil Station.


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Fun Easter Activity for Kids


Isabelle and Scarlett have enjoyed an afternoon of finger painting making their very own Easter Canvases.

This activity is so simple to do and doesn’t cost much at all. 

All you need is some paint, paper for the templates, canvases and children ready to have some fun.

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Center Parcs March Challenge – Painting a flower

Spring has arrived and Isabelle has been a busy bee painting and bringing a beautiful spring flower to life. 


 For inspiration we went for a walk in the woods nearby in the wonderful sunshine. Isabelle noticed all the beautiful coloured flowers blooming around us. She wanted to create a picture slightly different than usual and decided to paint with ice cubes. It was a warm day so I thought why not. Isabelle likes being creative and couldn’t wait to get started and show me her artistic side.  [Read more…]

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