Project 365 – 18th/24th May 2014

Our week in photos!

Sunday – Last Sunday I spent a relaxing day in the Aqua Sana at Longleat Forest.

I had a great time with one of my bests friends who I’ve known since infant school. 


Monday –  On Monday the girls helped me bake some delicious pineapple upside down cakes.

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May Achievements

This month we have already seen a few great achievements from myself and the girls.

As some of you know I took part in my first charity run earlier this month and raised money to help diagnose cancer earlier. I never saw myself as a runner, I didn’t think I could do it but I’m surprising myself each day I go for a run.


Scarlett took part in her first sponsored bike ride at pre-school and received a certificate. [Read more…]

The Great Outdoors

As a family we enjoy heading outdoors, going on adventures and becoming a family of explorers. Especially now summer is on it’s way, it’s a perfect time to grab my camera and capture our outdoor adventures.

Last weekend we went for a walk to one of our local nature reserves, which has a mixture of large open space, woodland, bridges to walk over various streams, streams to paddle in and a large pond.

We decided to take granddads three labardoodles on our little adventure outdoors and the girls were over the moon.

When we set off the sun was shining and it was quite warm outside. Isabelle and Scarlett enjoyed running around in all the open space, throwing the ball to the dogs and chasing after each other. It was lovely watching them play together and enjoy time outside.

Our (1)

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Project 365 – 4th/10th May 2014

Last Sunday I took part in my first ever fun run for such a great cause, racing to diagnose cancer earlier. I am so pleased with how well I did, I’m signing up to do another run later on this year and I can not wait.

I only started running at the beginning of the year so for me it’s a great achievement. 


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A night in for Macmillan!


Next Friday the 16th May my friends and I will be enjoying a night in. 

An evening we can eat, drink, dance, laugh and enjoy a good catch up. We will be donating the money we would of spent on a night out to Macmillan cancer support. Every pound we raise will make a huge difference and we want to be apart of this.

On a night out it can all add up with the food bill, drinks and taxis to and from, so hopefully between us all we will raise a great amount to show our support.

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Zoflora 3 in 1 Disinfectant

Zoflora concentrated disinfectant



 I have been using Zofloras lavender disinfectant over the past few weeks and I have to say I am really pleased. I am quite obsessed with cleaning. I’m always making sure our home feels fresh and is left with a beautiful fragrance, as soon as you walk through the door. Zofloras disinfectant has worked so well for us and I am in love with the smell of Lavender. It’s a very natural lavender with smooth aromatic notes entwined with hint of fresh mint and rosemary. 


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Project 365 – 27th April – 3rd May 2014

Last Sunday I enjoyed one of my most relaxing days in a very long time. 

I drove up to Sherwood Forest with a friend to the Center Parcs Aqua Sana and received my very first facial.

I’m off to Longleat for another spa day later this month and already excited. 


 On Monday Scarlett and I went for a little adventure around our local nature reserve.

We saw some ducks, birds, jumped in the biggest puddles and went to a few parks.

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Places to go in Berkshire


Looking for a day out for you and your family to enjoy.

Below I have listed a few places to visit in Berkshire which is perfect for families.

Legoland Windsor


Legoland Windsor is a fantastic theme park for families with children approximately 3-12 years old. 

With over 55 rides, live shows, an amazing model village, areas for a picnic, splash park and more.

It’s a perfect day out for families to enjoy in a beautiful 150 acres parkland.

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Things to do in Hampshire

amsLooking for a day out for you and your family to enjoy.

Below I have listed a few places to visit in Hampshire which is perfect for families.

The Spinaker Tower – Portsmouth


The Spinnaker Tower is an astonishing 170 meters high overlooking the Historical Dockyard. 

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Daddies Day Off!

Being the Easter holidays Ali managed to take a day off work and enjoy a day with us.

Isabelle and Scarlett enjoy spending time with daddy when he’s not busy at work and of course Ali loves spending time with his girls.

We played a game of Jurrasic golf followed by a lovely lunch, a bit of water zorbing and fun on a giant slide. 

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