The Ordinary Moments – Daddy Time

This week Ali surprised the girls. When Scarlett asked him if he could take them to school on Friday (like she does most mornings) she wasn’t expecting him to say yes.  He normally has to leave for work before the mad rush in the mornings but on Friday he didn’t have to leave until late morning. Isabelle and Scarlett’s face lit up, they were so excited they did there usual ‘happy scream,’ started jumping around the house in all the excitement. It’s the simple things in life like this that makes them happy.


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The Ordinary Moments – Fun in the rain

Fun in the rain


This weekend my dad has gone away so we’ve been looking after their three labradoodles. Isabelle and Scarlett love dogs and have been really looking forward to this weekend. We decided to take the dogs for a walk in our local nature reserve. There’s lots of open space, woods to walk through, bridges to walk over, streams to paddle in and a big pond. A place the girls can run around and a place the dogs can enjoy a good exercise. 

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The Ordinary Moments – Learning

At home we have been playing fun games with Scarlett, trying to get her to recognise the letters of the Alphabet. She already recognises the letter ‘S’ because of her name and she likes me to write letters down so she can trace over them.

Earlier this week Scarlett surprised us whilst playing with her new Alphabet set.

Isabelle was spelling out lots of different words on the wall and suddenly I heard a little voice saying ‘E.’

I looked at Scarlett and with the biggest smile she went ‘Mummy, E’ and she was waving it around.

You can see how happy she is and I am so happy for her.


It may only be a few letters that she knows but I know once shes ready she will.


The Ordinary Moments – A little adventure outdoors

The weather has been a bit hit and miss this past week, but whilst the sun came out (even if it was only for a few hours) we took a little adventure outdoors.

The girls nor I were dressed to venture up hills, take a trip to the park or a stroll through the woods but we had a fantastic time together and that’s all that matters.


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The Ordinary Moments – My little girls off to school!

I can not believe Scarlett will be starting school this September.

Wednesday was the day we received the email confirming her place at the same school as her sister.

Although we are thrilled, I’m going to miss her so much.

She is our little girl, growing up so quickly and becoming more independent as each day passes.


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The Ordinary Moments – Enjoying the sun

Today the sun is out, which means the girls are enjoying a lot more playtime outside.

 I find both Isabelle and Scarlett are a lot happier when the sun is shining and they get a certain glow.

Scarlett found her little sledge in the garage and shes had fun pulling her dolls around.


Isabelle has been trying to beat her mini record of skipping backwards.

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Mother’s Day – I love…

To my wonderful girls Isabelle and Scarlett,

Mother's days

Mother’s Day is a special day to me.

It’s a day I can celebrate how lucky I am to have you two beautiful girls in my life.

Hearing the words ‘mummy’ come from you, just makes me burst with pride.

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A Day In London

To Isabelle,

We had a such a fantastic day in London yesterday.

We were invited to a blogging event for Persil and made the most of our day trip to London.

When I first mentioned what the day entailed you couldn’t believe what I was saying

‘A food fight, Mum you would never let me do that’ and ‘Cooking, I love cooking! This will be my perfect day.’

On our way to London, you couldn’t stop talking about our day ahead.


We enjoyed a lovely walk along the river Thames.

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