Cool Create Swapwatch

 Flair have recently bought out a new range of creative activities for girls, last month we reviewed  Daisy Chains and this month we have been trying out another great set, Swapwatch.  


Girls can enjoy creating their very own watch with this jewellery set. Swap, mix and match straps and face covers to create fun designs. With endless style combinations you can create a watch for every occasion.

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Doc McStuffins Microphone

Doc McStuffins is an animated pre-school children’s television series. 

Doc McStuffins is a six year old girl who fixes toys with a little help from her stuffed animal friends Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly.  Scarlett adores Doc McStuffins! I often hear her around the house and when we’re out and about singing along to Doc McStuffins songs.

doc mcstuffins

Flair have a great range of Doc McStuffins toys and Scarlett got very excited when she received the new Doc McStuffins musical and light up microphone.

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Cool Create Daisy Chains

Flair are bringing out a new range of creative activities for young girls and we have recently been busy trying out one of their new kits, Cool Create Daisy Chains. 

dasy c1

Girls can get creative and make beautiful flower jewellery to wear and share with their friends with this fantastic set. They can enjoy designing their own unique flower necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and more.

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Playmobil Police Station with Alarm – Review

Isabelle has recently started to collect playmobil and with such a huge range of playmobil to buy i’m sure it won’t be long till our playroom is full of different sets.

 We bought Isabelle the Playmobil Police station which has been a big hit with both of the girls.


The police station comes fully equipped with an alarm system and everything you need to protect your town. Enter through the main entrance of the police station to the reception area, then head on upstairs to the interrogation room to process the suspects and once finished detain the prisoner in the lockable jail cell. The station has a fitted alarm system with lights and sound which makes it easy to catch prisoners trying to break out of the cell through the secret escape in the floor.

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Review & Giveaway – Win Drumond Park Mask ‘n’ Ask

Mask ‘n’ Ask from Drumond Park is a brilliant game of ‘Who am I’


 Am I a tiger? Am I a policeman? Mask ‘n’ Ask is really easy to play, just put on a mask, move around the board and ask questions to find out what you are. It’s a unique board game with 2 ways to play, it is full of fun for family and friends to enjoy.

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Doc McStuffins Operation Boardgame – Review

Scarlett adores the childrens television program Doc McStuffin so when I saw the Doc McStuffin version of the classic operation game I knew she would like it.


Doc McStuffins friends are feeling a bit under the weather, Can you help Doc Mcstuffin make them all feel better? Can you fix their boo boos in the operating room and avoid the buzzer?

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Review – Polly Pocket wall sets

I came across these unusual, but fun Polly Pocket wall sets which have been a HUGE hit since Christmas. They are slightly different to other toys as play moves from the floor onto the walls, a fantastic space saver too.

We purchased the Polly Pocket Cafe and Polly Pocket Pet Park which have bought hours of fun for the girls. I am definitely looking forward to building the girls collection as there are a variety of sets to choose from.

polly pocket

Lea runs Polly Pockets Cafe which is a popular cafe to hang out with friends. Lea and friends can spin down the pole between the two floors to buy some tasty treats and drinks, spin back up the pole to relax on the comfy sofa or zip-wire across to dine in a secluded dining area.

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Ruby Dressing Up Rag Doll from Silver Cross- Review

Scarlett really enjoys using her imagination through role play, especially being a ‘Mummy.’

 ‘Ruby Dressing Up Rag Doll‘ is an adorable traditional Rag Doll from Silver Cross.

Ruby comes in a beautifully presented gift box which makes her a perfect gift.

ruby t t

Ruby Dress Up Rag Doll Comes With:

A Red floral dress with satin bow
A Red velvet cape with hood
Soft brown boots
Shoulder bag
Compact with safety mirror
Black hair in plaits with red ribbon
Comes in a Silver Cross gift box

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Monsters University ‘Who’s Behind The Door’ Game Review

Spin Master Toys have bought out another fantastic Disney game based on Monsters University ‘Who’s Behind the door.’ We are so excited that in a weeks time Monster University is being released on DVD. Isabelle could burst with excitement and when she saw the game ‘Who’s behind the door’ and noticed it was all about Monsters University, she couldn’t wait to start playing.


Who’s behind the door is a fun, interactive game. It’s very similar to guess who,but Monsters University edition which I think is brilliant. It’s a game that consists of using ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions to your opponent,to find out which monster is lurking behind your door.

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Disney Hedbanz Review

Me, Ali and the girls are massive Disney fans and were very excited to see Spin Master Toys have bought out a Disney Hedbanz game which is lots of fun for all the family.


 With Christmas fast approaching what better way to snuggle up indoors during the festive season with your family and friends playing fun games.

Disney Hedbanz is all about using your head to discover what Disney character or object you are. The first player to guess what they are and to get rid of all their Mickey chips in the quickest time is the winner!

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