Custom Cartoon Bakery review – Ariel & Elsa

I came across The Custom Cartoon Bakery through an amazing review over at We’re going on an adventure by Colette.


Custom cartoon bakery work with talented artists who help transform you or your loved ones into a cartoon character of your choice. I absolutely love this idea, the girls on canvas as their favourite character. I would of loved something like this when I was little. 

Isabelle recently fell in love with Elsa one of the sisters from the film Frozen and Scarlett adores Ariel, so knew this would be a transformation they would love.

I got in contact with a lovely lady called Laura. I mentioned to Laura who the girls would dream to be and how I would love to have them on the canvas print together and that was no problem at all. You can have the transformation in any style you wish such as the pose and background. I knew I wanted the print against a white background, I didn’t really know how to work Elsa and Ariel together but the artists kindly worked their magic. 

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