Custom Cartoon Bakery review – Ariel & Elsa

I came across The Custom Cartoon Bakery through an amazing review over at We’re going on an adventure by Colette.


Custom cartoon bakery work with talented artists who help transform you or your loved ones into a cartoon character of your choice. I absolutely love this idea, the girls on canvas as their favourite character. I would of loved something like this when I was little. 

Isabelle recently fell in love with Elsa one of the sisters from the film Frozen and Scarlett adores Ariel, so knew this would be a transformation they would love.

I got in contact with a lovely lady called Laura. I mentioned to Laura who the girls would dream to be and how I would love to have them on the canvas print together and that was no problem at all. You can have the transformation in any style you wish such as the pose and background. I knew I wanted the print against a white background, I didn’t really know how to work Elsa and Ariel together but the artists kindly worked their magic. 

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Review & Giveaway – Win a Photo Canvas from Canvas Design Uk

I love taking photographs at home, whilst on holiday and out and about. I like to capture every moment I can and transform our photos onto a beautiful canvas.

Canvas Design kindly offered to create us a canvas with a photo of our choice. I am very excited, as we love canvases around our home. I was advised to send over a good quality image of more than 500kb to get the best quality canvas print. This is a fantastic first impression, as they are already giving great advice. I sent over a photo of Ali and Isabelle at my brother in laws wedding. It was a special day and we have hardly any photos of them both together, so this will look amazing.

Almost instantly when my order been processed I received a text message with information on who will be delivering our canvas and on what day. The following day I had another message with an hours time slot of when our canvas will arrive. Again I am very impressed with their amazing customer service.

In less than 48 hours of sending off my photo to canvas designs we received our well packaged canvas. The canvas was extremely well packed with bubble wrap, cardboard with big fragile stickers across it. They really do put the customer first.


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Giveaway – Play and Discover – Shapes, Numbers, Music and More

Play and Discover – Shapes, Numbers, Music and More is a fun educational app by Croco Studio. An award-winning team of parent developers intent on creating apps that kids adore and parents trust.

Children aged five and under can explore basic preschool concepts in this award winning app. The app gradually introduces kids to basic knowledge with lots of themes and things to learn in a playful environment filled with funny sound effects and animations.


Venture out on some educational field trips with animal friends at the beach, circus, North Pole, underwater and in the kitchen. Children can have fun creating 8 different interactive scenes using self-correcting snap and fit pieces. Each one presents a unique early learning challenge from counting how many fish the bear plucks from the ice to watching an elephant blow up different shaped balloons using his trunk. 


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Review & Giveaway – Win Drumond Park Mask ‘n’ Ask

Mask ‘n’ Ask from Drumond Park is a brilliant game of ‘Who am I’


 Am I a tiger? Am I a policeman? Mask ‘n’ Ask is really easy to play, just put on a mask, move around the board and ask questions to find out what you are. It’s a unique board game with 2 ways to play, it is full of fun for family and friends to enjoy.

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Make your Christmas Magical with the Portable North Pole

I recently reviewed the Santa Sprint app from the Portable North Pole and now we have kindly been given the chance to review their premium video from Santa and also a phone call too.


Last year I enjoyed going through the simple step to step guide to create the girls personal message from Santa. The girls faces were priceless, Santa knew their name, when they were born, the toy they really wanted for Christmas, Santa knew everything about them.

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Mad About Ponies Party

Childrens parties, friends over for tea, children who enjoy their arts and crafts (like my two) then Mad About Ponies Party Craft set from Interplay UK is perfect for you!

Craft Party is an exciting new concept that offers fun crafting activities to keep up to six children entertained.  Each kit contains all you need for six identical activities which are fun and easy to do. There is an extra benefit from these fantastic craft party sets, as each activity, once completed, can be used for more entertainment and the children each can take their gift they made home.


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Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower

We all had a fantastic time in Portsmouth last Saturday exploring the Historic Dockyard and Spinnaker Tower.


We drove to Portsmouth and parked in the Historic Dockyard Car Park, which cost us £8 for 8 hours which I think is reasonable.

The Spinnaker Tower has become Portsmouth’s most prominent landmark. Visible beyond 23 miles away are incredible views from the sandy beaches of the Witterings, Selsey Bill in the East to the countryside of the New Forest in the West, from the picturesque Isle of Wight in the South to the rolling hills of Hampshire’s South Downs in the North.

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Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

We all had a fantastic time in Portsmouth last Saturday, exploring the Historic Dockyard and Spinnaker Tower.


We drove to Portsmouth and parked in the Historic Dockyard Car Park, which cost us £8 for 8 hours which I think is reasonable.

Historic Dockyard is a great day out for all the family. The girls really enjoyed going back in time, learning about Tudor life, exploring historical warships, enjoying a harbour tour and loved testing their skills in physical/stimulating challenges.

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Balloon Baboon Flower Bouquet Review & Giveaway


Balloon Baboon are a fantastic online company who specialize in unique handmade balloon creations, which come with a ‘smile guarantee’ and they certainly did for us all. They offer a wide range of handmade balloons for every occasion, such as Birthdays, New baby, Easter, Christmas and many more. You will be amazed to see what Balloon Baboon have to offer.

We were very excited when we were asked to review a unique balloon design from Balloon Baboon.

We received a large but yet light weight box and once opened we were amazed to see a stunning balloon bouquet pop out along with a cute baboon, which was a nice little surprise.


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Blingles – Bling Studio Review from Character

Isabelle enjoys being creative and doing lots of arts & crafts which can keep her entertained for hours. Isabelle loves anything sparkly and enjoys making her possessions as colourful as possible. So when she was asked to review Blingles – Bling Studio by Character, she could not wait for her set to arrive.


If your children enjoy being creative and making twinkling designs, Bling Studio is perfect for you. This set is mess free and children can have fun adding a touch of bling to their world. It’s so easy to set up, compact for easy storage and your designs are ready in a simple process, Design it, Roll it and Bling it.

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