Bathtime Fun Squad With Nemo

Bathtime is all about making it enjoyable for you and your child, explore different games to play and change bath toys around quite often this will help keep bathtime interesting. I like to use bath products for the girls which is gentle on the skin and products which don’t hurt their eyes, as they are always splashing about.


We recently received a soft and gentle moisturising bubbly bath from H&A’s toddler bathtime range. The bottle is instantly appealing to Isabelle and Scarlett with it’s bright attractive colours featuring one of their all time favourite Disney characters Nemo from the Finding Nemo film. The girls were getting very excited as I poured the bubbly mixture into the running water and they noticed lots of bubbles starting to form.

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Playmobil Police Station with Alarm – Review

Isabelle has recently started to collect playmobil and with such a huge range of playmobil to buy i’m sure it won’t be long till our playroom is full of different sets.

 We bought Isabelle the Playmobil Police station which has been a big hit with both of the girls.


The police station comes fully equipped with an alarm system and everything you need to protect your town. Enter through the main entrance of the police station to the reception area, then head on upstairs to the interrogation room to process the suspects and once finished detain the prisoner in the lockable jail cell. The station has a fitted alarm system with lights and sound which makes it easy to catch prisoners trying to break out of the cell through the secret escape in the floor.

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Heat Holders thermal sock

Winter has arrived and i’m sure we will be seeing snow very soon. It is the perfect time to own a luxury pair of thermal socks to keep your feet nice and warm.

The last few days I have been trying the ultimate thermal socks from Heat Holders which I have to say have been amazing and kept my feet very cosy.


These thermal socks have a tog rating of 2.3 and are known to be 7x times warmer then your average cotton sock. The advanced insulating yarn is very soft with a long looped thermal pile and a soft brushed inner which is designed to keep the warm air in.

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App Review – My Little Pony – A Canterlot Wedding

As you probably know the girls absolutely love exciting apps which is fun and easy for them to use. Isabelle over the last few days has been exploring the app My little pony – A canterlot wedding by Egmont, an app which combines an exciting story about ponies, princesses and a royal wedding.


All your favourite ponies need your help as they prepare for a royal wedding in the magical kingdom of Canterlot. Princess Celestia has given each pony a job to do, but they need your help. Will you help the ponies make sure everything is perfect for the big day?

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Doc McStuffins Operation Boardgame – Review

Scarlett adores the childrens television program Doc McStuffin so when I saw the Doc McStuffin version of the classic operation game I knew she would like it.


Doc McStuffins friends are feeling a bit under the weather, Can you help Doc Mcstuffin make them all feel better? Can you fix their boo boos in the operating room and avoid the buzzer?

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Review – WMF Egg Cups for kids

I love finding unique things and had to share these adorable egg cups for kids designed by Willy Mia & Fred (WMF)

egg cups1

The girls received one each at Christmas in blue and pink and they have been a huge hit. You can guess what Isabelle and Scarlett keep asking for at breakfast boiled egg and soldiers.

This is a funky egg cup which is designed to make eating full of fun for children. It has everything you need to enjoy breakfast in a fun stylish design.

Pop the egg into the egg cup.


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Review – Polly Pocket wall sets

I came across these unusual, but fun Polly Pocket wall sets which have been a HUGE hit since Christmas. They are slightly different to other toys as play moves from the floor onto the walls, a fantastic space saver too.

We purchased the Polly Pocket Cafe and Polly Pocket Pet Park which have bought hours of fun for the girls. I am definitely looking forward to building the girls collection as there are a variety of sets to choose from.

polly pocket

Lea runs Polly Pockets Cafe which is a popular cafe to hang out with friends. Lea and friends can spin down the pole between the two floors to buy some tasty treats and drinks, spin back up the pole to relax on the comfy sofa or zip-wire across to dine in a secluded dining area.

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Scrapbook Made By Me! – Review

Scrapbook Made By Me from Parragon is a fantastic book in Parragons brand new tween range.

This scrapbook is completely made by you about your life.


Collections, doodles, family, friends, hobbies, memories, notes, secrets, stickers, tickets, treasures can all be kept in this amazing style scrapbook and stored away nicely in the little case.


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Blingles Glimmer – Glam Styler Review

Isabelle enjoys being creative, she can sit for hours with arts and crafts and she will be happy. When asked to review Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler by Character Isabelle couldn’t wait to get started straight away.


If your children enjoy adding a touch of glitter and sparkle to their belongings, Glam Styler is perfect. Children can design glittering and sparkling stickers and make items from drab to fab in a few simple steps. It’s very easy to set up and nice and compact which is great for easy storage.

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