The Ordinary Moments – Daddy Time

This week Ali surprised the girls. When Scarlett asked him if he could take them to school on Friday (like she does most mornings) she wasn’t expecting him to say yes.  He normally has to leave for work before the mad rush in the mornings but on Friday he didn’t have to leave until late morning. Isabelle and Scarlett’s face lit up, they were so excited they did there usual ‘happy scream,’ started jumping around the house in all the excitement. It’s the simple things in life like this that makes them happy.


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Living Arrows – Growing Up!


Isabelle is growing up so fast and becoming so independent. I know she’s only 7 but sometimes it feels like shes 7 going on 17.  She enjoyed a pampered party at her friends house over the weekend. They had their nails done, hair crimped, glitter tattoos with a little bit of make up she had a fantastic time. I took this photo straight after the party and then looked back at her baby photos and thought to myself where has this time gone. All Isabelle talks about after school is boys, boys and more boys. I found a little love letter she wrote calling a boy ‘her gummy bear.’ I was doing Isabelle’s hair this morning before school I had to get her to sit down, she is just below my shoulders. Ok, I may only  5 foot 1 but that’s not the point. I think I’ve got to stop calling her my little girl even though deep down she will always be! [Read more…]

Project 365 – 11th/17th May 2014

This week the weather has been perfect and we’ve been spending a lot more time outdoors. 

Sunday –  Ali and I took a stroll around our local nature reserve with the dogs in tow.

The girls were at nannies for the morning, so it was nice to spend some time on our own.


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Do you walk to school?

We are very lucky we can walk to school, as we are only live a short distance away. Our walks are always turned into little adventures and this past week has been very interesting. We have been taking part in a fun challenge, #KiaWalkToSchool 

Looking at the world through children’s eyes.

Seeing if the girls can spot ten things from the mini treasure hunt list below on the walk to school:

  •  Something yellow
  • Something that grows
  •  A red letterbox
  • A blue front door
  • A triangle
  • A bus
  • Something old
  • An interesting shadow
  • A bike
  • A smile

I have to say I’m amazed at the way both Isabelle and Scarlett see things.

Something yellow – The sun


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The Great Outdoors

As a family we enjoy heading outdoors, going on adventures and becoming a family of explorers. Especially now summer is on it’s way, it’s a perfect time to grab my camera and capture our outdoor adventures.

Last weekend we went for a walk to one of our local nature reserves, which has a mixture of large open space, woodland, bridges to walk over various streams, streams to paddle in and a large pond.

We decided to take granddads three labardoodles on our little adventure outdoors and the girls were over the moon.

When we set off the sun was shining and it was quite warm outside. Isabelle and Scarlett enjoyed running around in all the open space, throwing the ball to the dogs and chasing after each other. It was lovely watching them play together and enjoy time outside.

Our (1)

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The Ordinary Moments – Fun in the rain

Fun in the rain


This weekend my dad has gone away so we’ve been looking after their three labradoodles. Isabelle and Scarlett love dogs and have been really looking forward to this weekend. We decided to take the dogs for a walk in our local nature reserve. There’s lots of open space, woods to walk through, bridges to walk over, streams to paddle in and a big pond. A place the girls can run around and a place the dogs can enjoy a good exercise. 

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Kids Say The Funniest Things

I love Wednesday’s as it’s a day Scarlett and I can spend some time together. Without preschool and now that her swimming lessons have moved to after school we get to enjoy a full day together.

This morning we popped into our local cafe for some cake, juice and tea.

Scarlett loves it here so we try and come at least once a week after we have dropped Isabelle off at school.


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The Ordinary Moments – Learning

At home we have been playing fun games with Scarlett, trying to get her to recognise the letters of the Alphabet. She already recognises the letter ‘S’ because of her name and she likes me to write letters down so she can trace over them.

Earlier this week Scarlett surprised us whilst playing with her new Alphabet set.

Isabelle was spelling out lots of different words on the wall and suddenly I heard a little voice saying ‘E.’

I looked at Scarlett and with the biggest smile she went ‘Mummy, E’ and she was waving it around.

You can see how happy she is and I am so happy for her.


It may only be a few letters that she knows but I know once shes ready she will.


A mummy & daughter adventure

I love Monday’s as it’s a day Scarlett and I can enjoy together.

No pre-school, no swimming lessons, just quality time as mum and daughter. 

I want to make the most out of our Monday’s before she starts school full time. 

It was a cold wet day to venture outdoors but who cares wellies and rain jackets on and off we go!

Scarlett led the way and first stop was to the local pond. 


 Scarlett enjoyed jumping in all the muddy puddles she could find.

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The Ordinary Moments – A little adventure outdoors

The weather has been a bit hit and miss this past week, but whilst the sun came out (even if it was only for a few hours) we took a little adventure outdoors.

The girls nor I were dressed to venture up hills, take a trip to the park or a stroll through the woods but we had a fantastic time together and that’s all that matters.


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