Handmade Olaf Birthday Card – Frozen


One of Scarlett’s friends is celebrating her 4th birthday and she is a huge fan of frozen. Instead of buying a card I decided to make one with her favourite character ‘Olaf.’

I had lots of fun designing this card and it really is simple to do.

If you want to have a go at making a card like this you will need:

Blue Card – A4 
Pva and pritt stick glue
Silver glitter
Stick on letters
White Card 
Brown Paper 
A pair of stick on googly eyes
An orange & black colouring pencil


To start I mixed in a little pva glue with some silver glitter to get a nice glittery effect. With a paint brush I covered the front of the card and left it to dry completely.


I decided to use some glitter letters for the wording. I wanted a melting snow effect so I stuck the letters I needed onto some white card and cut around each letter with a puddle shape. When your happy glue them into position.


Now it is time to make Olaf. I started off by drawing his body parts in sections the head, feet, top and bottom half and positioned them into place. I did this free hand but there are probably templates you can find online.

With the white card I made the carrot nose, buttons and mouth and coloured them in with the colouring pencils. With the brown paper I carefully cut out Olaf’s hair, eye brows and arms and put them into the ‘waving’ position. Once your happy glue them into place but you do have to have a steady hand so the paper doesn’t tear. 

 The last part to finish off Olaf I added on some goggly eyes.


Now you have your homemade Olaf birthday card.

Scarlett can’t wait to give this birthday card to her friend.



ET Speaks From Home


  1. Aww this is so cute! I would love to receive an Olaf card and I’m sure Scarlett’s friend loved it!

    Thanks for linking up with #100DaysOfDisney xx


  2. My daughter is frozen mad! she would love to make one! it is such a clever idea! They look great! Thank you for linking it with us #pintorials


  3. This is so cute and such a thoughtful card! I love Frozen 😀 Thanks for linking up to Tuesday Tutorials I hope you’ll come back next week too!


  4. Sweet, Pinned as I’m collecting Frozen crafts 🙂 #pintorials


  5. So sweet – Thanks for linking up to the Parenting Pin It Party last week x x


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